Japan Dolly Shopping- Licca-chan!

It figures that my first post on this blog would be about my newest doll, instead of the 41 others I’ve had for longer, right? Well, there is a reason for that- for the past month and a half or so, I have been in Japan, and my dolls all stayed at home, so I’ve not had them with me to take good pictures of. No good pictures means no posts for them until later. Sadly, they’ll all just have to wait.

Being in Japan isn’t all bad, though! (Actually, it’s amazing and I really don’t want to go home a week from now, but I digress.) The toy stores here all have a great selection of Licca-chan dolls! I waited until now to make sure I wouldn’t run out of souvenir money first, but recently I bought my very first Licca-chan doll.

I chose model LD-13, Fairy Tale Land. (Side note: does anybody know how they choose the model numbers for these? It seems like there’s at least 3 different LD-13’s…) She was one of the cutest ones to me out of all the ones I saw, and I have to admit I’m a massive sucker for pink hair and cotton candy colors. I’ve decided to name mine Lily.

Lily: Licca-chan LD-13 Fairy Tale Land

Sorry for the less than great pictures; I made do with the space I had to work with at that point.

Lily came with a lovely carousel-themed dress with faux-necklace, a sparkly pink hairbow, striped tall stockings, and pink mary-janes. I didn’t take boxed pictures because I was way too excited to get her open.

I don’t think I have anything all that special to say here that hasn’t been said by someone else much better at reviewing dolls than me, but I will go into a little bit of detail. Lily’s hair was a bit sticky from factory product out of the box. I’ll probably wash it out once I get back to the US but until then I don’t want to mess with it since I don’t have proper styling tools. Her face-up is quite young and sweet, and similar to most other Licca-chan’s from what I can tell.

Lily: Licca-chan LD-13 Fairy Tale Land

One of the things I’d heard about Licca-chan’s that made me willing to give her a try was how the arms and legs are articulated with an inner wire that lets you bend the limbs into place. Naturally I had to see whether that would work well for mine.

Lily: Licca-chan LD-13 Fairy Tale Land

After taking this picture all I can see is Hatsune Miku’s “PoPiPo”.

They hold positions pretty well. Her right arm made a weird popping/snapping noise when I bent it back to straight but I haven’t noticed any problems since then so I’m not sure whether it was cause for concern or not.

I somehow didn’t realize that Lily would have a swivel waist until I undressed her. I really like that, though- I bet it’ll make posing a lot of fun!

Lily: Licca-chan LD-13 Fairy Tale Land

I also bought Lily a fashion pack so that she’d have another outfit to wear. I chose LW-09 Lesson of Licca-Chan Piano because I thought the black and white would look nice with her pink hair, and I’m not disappointed!

Lily: Licca-chan LD-13 Fairy Tale Land

The pink bag also helps to tie it together with her hair.

Lily: Licca-chan LD-13 Fairy Tale Land

Plus I love the motif on this outfit! Not only music notes but cats as well!

Lily: Licca-chan LD-13 Fairy Tale Land

The pieces from her stock and her fashion pack mix and match well, too.

The pieces all seem to be fairly well-made and full of detail. My only real complaint with her clothes is that her shoes and socks can be rather difficult to get on (although having rubbery legs/feet helps with that) and the shoes then tend to fall off easily. Other than that, though, I really like the clothes I got for her. I especially thought it was nice that instead of molded underwear, Lily has removable fabric-and-elastic panties. I thought that added a nice, realistic touch.

Lily: Licca-chan LD-13 Fairy Tale Land

All in all, I think she’s a lovely doll. I’m also a little worried this will spark a love for Licca-chans: I totally don’t need another doll line to collect! (I really want to customize one now though…) In the next couple of days I’ll be exploring Tokyo and I think Lily will be coming with me, so maybe I’ll get to learn more about her personality then!


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