Dolly Photoshoots- Marty and Ivy

One of my goals lately has been to start putting an effort into doll photography. You may have noticed from the current state of my dolly profiles page that I don’t even have photos of all my dolls, and a lot of them are really crappy, lazy photos, but I’m hoping to get decent, thought-out pictures of all my dolls eventually, so I’ve begun to work on this. Here’s my first photoshoot, taken on August 5 in my backyard. The subjects were Marty (Pullip Akemi) and Ivy (Ai Doll English Ivy), mainly because they’re my two “fancy” dolls right now.

I had fun trying to portray Marty’s goofy, energetic personality through her photos.

Ivy, on the other hand, is a little grump and takes everything way too seriously, so she was a fun contrast.

Ivy would never admit it out loud, but she’s bonded with Marty now. Although Marty has a tendency to treat her like she’s a baby/plaything, and Ivy doesn’t enjoy that very much.

More photoshoots to come! And once I get back to school in about a week I’ll have even more options for locations!


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