Fairy Tale High Rapunzel- “Before”

So I’ve been doing not the greatest job at updating this blog! Sorry about that; life got in the way. I intend to actually use this more often now; here’s hoping that will actually happen!

I was making my weekly run to Tuesday Morning (Pullip and Ai Doll hunting, mainly) and discovered that one of their new additions this week was Rapunzel from S-K Victory’s “Fairy Tale High” doll line. I had seen these dolls in stores when they first came out, and to be honest, I’ve never been that impressed with them, especially at the prices they retailed at. I am, however, a massive sucker for all things Rapunzel, and at the cheaper price I couldn’t resist her as at least a “rescue mission.”

She’s definitely pretty cheesy in execution, but to be honest, I really enjoy corny, semi-terrible things, so I find her kind of endearing in that way. (Slightly off-topic: my current dream Rapunzel doll I have to have is the Shrek Princesses Rapunzel from MGA:

Not my photo.

She looks absolutely nothing like the movie character, is totally a merchandising-bandwagon move, and has kung-fu action. I have to have her.)

The Toy Box Philosopher did a pretty thorough review of FTH Rapunzel here, and I agree with pretty much all of it, so I’m not going to rehash that too much. I just thought I’d point out some additional things I’d noticed.

First, her hair is, indeed, super crispy and product-y at the bottom. You can practically see the change in texture from scalp to end:

Evidently Rapunzel’s street-walking got her arrested.

You can also see that out-of-box, her hair separates awkwardly at the end of her part, and while it doesn’t necessarily result in bald spots, it does make it look significantly thinner:

Since she’s an older doll that’s been hanging around in her box for a while, she’s got a couple of problems that come with such aging. The most noticeable as I unboxed her was the fact that her lower legs are awkwardly bent:

The dangers of wearing nothing but high-heels 24/7.

I’ve had this problem with Winx dolls I’ve used for customs in the past, and some hot water reshaping has done a pretty good job with that, so I’m hoping that won’t be too complicated a fix. In general, her joints work relatively well, although her neck is a bit loose and her head tends to spin around backwards with the weight of her hair.

Rapunzel also has a scratch on the screening of her eye:

Again, though, this isn’t too much of a problem for me, because I was considering repainting her and giving her a more appealing face even before I’d noticed that, so it just made my decision for me.

In taking off her clothes, however, I discovered the issue I’m probably going to have the hardest time fixing:

On the plus side, if I ever need a Little Mermaid transformation-gone-wrong doll, I’ll know how to achieve that…

Poor girl has some serious staining from her fishnets. I can’t say that I was all that surprised, but I’m not sure how well benzoyl peroxide fading is gonna work on this, and it’s sad she may be stuck in long pants forever. Color-fast your doll clothes, kids!

One thing I was quite surprised to discover, as I hadn’t seen it mentioned in any reviews I had read, was that Rapunzel came with a second outfit! Packaged in a small plastic baggy behind the doll on the cardboard was a pair of white pants, a purple sleeveless shirt, and a couple of cuff bracelets:

No luck on the belly-covering top, but she looks less like a street walker now.

I actually quite like this outfit; I think it’s my favorite of the two. The bracelets are translucent, and I’m not sure if they were supposed to be detailed somehow or if they are just a poor casting:

Her hair, while still not the best quality, feels a lot better washed out, and even hangs better over her weird balding spot in the back. This Rapunzel has the best hair-length to doll-height ratio I’ve seen in any Rapunzel yet; it’s actually a bit longer than she is tall:

Even though she’s got a lot of problems, I’m quite fond of her, mainly as a “project” doll. I’m planning on working on her leg issues, repainting her face, and maybe modifying her hair a bit more to make her fit into my collection better. I’ll post some pictures when I get her finished!


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