Photoshoot Backlog: Dexter and Zel

Aaaaand I forgot about my blog again. Oops. Belated New Year’s resolution: keep posting to this blog.

So I’ve got 3 photoshoots with my dolls from last year that haven’t made it here yet, and I figure now is as good a time as any to start getting those up and going, right? I’ll go ahead and post them in the order they were taken, which means that first up is Dexter and Zel (EAH Signature Dexter Charming and Once Upon a Zombie Rapunzel, respectively).

When I was packing dolls up for a college move-out one summer, Zel kind of claimed Dexter as hers. She’s scary possessive of him now. Dex is a theater nerd and a massive ham, and he usually acts as if he has no interest in Zel or her persistent advances, but once in a while you can catch him being really sweet to her. Nobody else is entirely sure which of these two sides of him is the act.


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