Photoshoot Backlog: Heroic Princesses

Continuing through my backlog of photos, here’s a photoshoot I did with some of my custom dolls! Here you’ll meet Princess Snow White, Lady Rapunzel, and Princess Briar Rose from Christopher Healy’s “Hero’s Guide” novels (which, by the way, are my favorite novels ever and I highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys imaginative takes on fairy tales.)

These ladies’ stories are quite what you’d expect for Snow White, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty, but it’s after their fairy tales end that their real adventures begin! Teaming up with the “Prince Charming’s” from each of their tales (as well as Cinderella and her prince) leads to all kinds of new fun and mishaps. The eccentric Snow, kindhearted Rapunzel, and bratty Briar may not always get along, but when they’re together along with the other heroes, there’s bound to be something crazy going on.


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