New Additions to the “Fancy Doll” Family

And by “Fancy Doll,” I mean any doll that’s not a playline fashion doll- Pullips, BJD’s, etc.

You’ve met Ivy, who I’ve had for around a year now, and Marty, who came home with me from Japan this summer (as well as “before” photos of Nico the Screwless Wonder, who will be getting an upcoming photoshoot post very soon). And of course, if you check the Dolly Profiles page you’ve probably seen the whole crew I’ll be introducing here, but I figured it was about time I gave them a proper introduction.



I knew from the start that I would probably eventually get Marty a little sister and a boyfriend, even though I didn’t have any particular dolls in mind for either. I knew Byul Sucre was perfect, though, when a fellow DollyMarket forum member posted a picture of the one she had bought from Groove’s sample sale for the stock. Luck was with me on all that, because when I said something about having fallen in love with Sucre and not being sure if I’d be able to get her, that same member offered to sell hers nude to me since she only needed the stock, so things just really fell into place on that one. Nemo joined my family in September. Her full name is Mnemosyne, named after the Greek muse just as Marty is named after the goddess Artemis. Nemo looks up to her older sister, and is excited to be living in America with her to finish out her high school years. She has a habit of “borrowing” other people’s things, which has earned her the nickname “Klepto” (she came to her first owner with the wrong bag, which was what initially earned her this moniker).



Warner is my second Ai Doll, a Thyme. Thyme was a doll I’d been eyeing for a while as my likely second Ai Doll, and a fellow member on the DollyMarket forums was kind enough to pick her up for me when she found her at Tuesday Morning back in November. Her name’s a bit punny- she’s loosely named after Time Warner Cable. Warner is the same vague fairy-ish species as Ivy, and has come to live with Marty and Company and to train under Ivy. Warner’s a bit more childish than Ivy and somewhat more helpless at times- she still can’t get her shoes on the right feet half the time. Ivy’s torn between being annoyed at having to “babysit” and being pleased to be the superior in the relationship.



Jace was a total impulse buy. I had been wondering why in the world everyone online seemed to like Isul Sith, because even though I like the look of Isuls I wasn’t a fan of his Halloween-themed stock. Then I saw his sweet face at Tuesday Morning and knew he was coming home with me. He has such a perfect grumpy-sweet look to him, which was exactly what I had been looking for in regards to Marty’s boyfriend, so he became my “Christmas gift” to myself and came home with me. I’ve given him a custom wig and made him a sweater (he’s stealing Fairy Tale High Rapunzel’s pants for the time being). Jace, full name Jacen (named after Jacen Solo, who is a Sith lord, because I love punny names), is a photography student at Marty’s art school. They met when he asked her to model for a photoshoot of his, and she was immediately smitten, although he took a little longer to warm up to her. He gets along well with Nemo as well, and tends to be just a bit more serious than he needs to be. As of yet, Marty and Jace haven’t official gotten together, but it’s a safe bet that it’ll happen eventually.



Nevada is the newest member of the club. I’ve loved Pullip Snow White for ages- she was one of my top contenders for my first Pullip until I saw Akemi (I’m a sucker for pastels and especially for pink hair). I had already decided I was going to budget for her very soon when my grandma gave me some money for Christmas and I was able to order her. I wanted a name that was still snow related, and Nevada turned out to be the perfect name- not only does it mean “snow-capped,” but I had also been listening to a great deal of The Thrilling Adventure Hour’s “Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars” so it stuck quite quickly. Nevada is a fellow art school student, with a focus on fashion design. She comes from money and she knows it, and can tend to be a bit arrogant and haughty, but is also genuinely kindhearted when you get past the misguided exterior. Nevada has a fascination for fairy tales and fashions herself a princess. She claims to be allergic to apples but Marty thinks she might be making it up.


And that’s the “Fancy Dolls”! There’s very likely going to be more someday, sooner or later, and this crew needs some real photos eventually, but that’s all I’ve got to share with you for now!



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