Photoshoot Backlog: Nico

After this one we’re officially caught up with the 2015 photoshoots! How exciting is that?

Nico is my favorite fictional character in all of existence. She comes from Rachel Aaron’s “Legend of Eli Monpress” novels, and is a quiet, shy girl who just so happens to have had her body forcibly invaded by a demon. While this grants her superhuman strength, the ability to teleport through shadows, and other incredible abilities, it also means that she spends every day fighting to keep the demon from eating the souls of everything around it- including herself. The coat and shackles she wears help her keep her demon at bay. I’ve always admired Nico’s inner strength and identified a lot with her, so much so that I have actually made two custom dolls of her for my collection. Here’s the first one, an EAH custom.


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