Photoshoot: Nico the Screwless Wonder

Appropriately enough, my next photoshoot to share is Nico the Screwless Wonder. Nico is the Pullip MIO kit I bought in Japan this summer, with the express intention of creating Nico. You’ll also recognize her as the exact same character as the Ever After High custom doll from my previous photoshoot- Nico is seriously my single favorite character in all of fiction, so she gets two dolls in my collection! Besides which, since one of the characters traits is eyes that change colors from brown to yellow depending on if her demonic side is active, Pullips are a really great format for her so I can rechip her depending on the mood.

We had some uncharacteristically warm weather for February the other day, so I took Nico into our backyard after I got off work and got some quick photos while the light was still good. She’s in need of a little bit of a repair- her left eyelashes fell off in transit from my dorm to our new house, but I haven’t gotten a chance to fix them yet.


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