Miscellaneous Photos

Various photos I’ve taken for different things in the past few weeks. I’m not gonna post all my super sketchy quick snapshots or anything like that, but I’ll share the ones I put a little effort into.


Klepto Strikes Again- for Round 15 of DollyMarket’s photo contests, where the theme was “Bad Habits.” Nemo likes to “borrow” other people’s clothes, so here she’s “borrowing” Marty’s jacket, headphones, and legwarmers, Jace’s hat, and Nevada’s shoes and purse. I was having no luck getting them to balance on their own, so all three of the dolls standing have forks in play to help keep them upright. Nemo actually always wears Marty’s jacket, and since this photo has kind of claimed the headphones as hers as well.

image_zpsw8ntvumzConquering Her “Fears”- for a weekly photo challenge on MHArena, where the theme was fruits and vegetables. Nevada wanted to do a photo where she conquered her “fear” of apples, which she claims to be allergic to.


Listening to the New Girl’s Backstory- For Round 12 of DollyMarket’s photo contests (the theme was Fandoms). Nico wanted to share her story with Marty and Nemo, and what better way than to read the books written about you and your friends? Nemo was getting a little sleepy at this point, but she’s more enamored by Nico than you might think.


Marty’s Favorite Cuddle Spot- for round 10 of DollyMarket’s photo contests, with the theme of “Night Time.” Marty liked my giant pile of stuffed animals at the foot of my bed in the dorms, and she kind of misses it now that we’ve moved. I’ve got to work on low-light photography.


“Fancy Dolls” Group Photo- taken shortly after Nevada arrived. I wanted to show the gang all together, as well as Jace and Marty in their hand-crocheted winter gear.


A Celebratory Selfie- The Lord of Ebay wanted to take a selfie to celebrate the 20th anniversary of eBay’s launch. And just now as I’m looking at this I’m realizing that her eyebrows seem to have stained the vinyl around them…


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