DC Superhero Girls: Poison Ivy

Today’s the official release day for this doll line so I thought it’d be as good a time as ever to share photos and observations about Poison Ivy!

I’ve been excited about the DC Superhero Girls line since it got announced. I love superheros and love that this is a superhero line marketed to girls, and I love that it’s DC in particular because I’m a DC fan moreso than a Marvel fan. For those of you unfamiliar with the line, DC Superhero Girls is taking a “Monster High”-esque approach to these superheroes- they all attend Super Hero High together. The line will include both dolls and action figures, and is launching with six characters- Wonder Woman, Super Girl, Bat Girl, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Bumblebee. At the moment, it is exclusive to Target in the US.

A little while ago reports began to crop up that these dolls had begun to show up on shelves at certain Targets. I checked mine and they weren’t on the shelves yet. Then reports came that the official release date would be February 28, and some boxes in the stock room were marked as such, but others were not, and that if you gave a DCPI number to the employees some stores would bring them out from the stock room and sell them early. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try- I wouldn’t be upset if they turned me down, but I’d be really excited to get one early too- so I went and asked, and I was in luck! I figured I’d wait to post my blog post until today though so they should be available to the general public by the time you’re reading this.

Wonder Woman is my ultimate top want in this line, but I actually anticipate buying all six of the dolls (haven’t decided on the action figure yet). From what I can tell by what I was reading, it seems like the assortment box with Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, and Super Girl was the one that was labelled for the release date while the one with Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Bumblebee was not, so the luck was better for early buys if the store only had the second assortment in stock rather than both. My store only had that second box, and Poison Ivy looked the most exciting to me out of those three, so she’s the one that came home with me.

Her bracelet and hand “magic” were on opposite hands in the package; I just accidentally reversed them here in redressing her.

I was surprised by how large Poison Ivy is. I was expecting her to be on scale with EAH or MH dolls, but she’s actually significantly taller (according to RequiemArt, the DC girls are 125% bigger in all measurements).I posed her next to the Hasbro Disney Princess doll I’m in the middle of customizing for kicks, because she’s the smallest playline doll I currently have:

More on the clothes below. Expect a post about the custom doll very soon.

Her size is advantageous because it means that on her flat shoes, she can stand on two feet quite easily without the need for a stand, as seen in her introductory photo. Even more exciting is that she can stand on one foot unaided if you balance her right:

We managed to get her in several one-foot poses but I’ll spare you the photographic onslaught.

Ivy’s articulation is similar to a Monster High or Ever After High doll, with a couple of differences. One that works in our favor is that Ivy has an added torso joint that adds a lot of additional movement:

Unfortunately, she also has fairly limited leg motion:

This is Ivy’s maximum side-to-side splits.
Her knees do not pivot at all, so her feet are always forward facing.

Her hands do come off like EAH dolls, making changing clothes easier. The pegs seem very thick and sturdy to me.


Her stock does include a lot of plastic parts, but I’m glad they’re including her vines somehow. I really like that her jumpsuit is separate from the blouse/dress piece.

Not pictured- her plastic hair adornment. Because I’m sure once I take that out I’ll never get it back in again.

On a whim, I decided to try some Barbie clothes I bought for Marty on her. They fit quite well in my opinion, but I will say that the sleeves on the cardigan were snug, so non-stretch sleeves might not work very well. I can also guarantee you she won’t be wearing Barbie shoes- Ivy’s feet are massive compared to Barbie’s.


The cardigan sleeves were snug. Girl’s got some muscle!
DC girls shoes vs Barbie shoes. Ivy might get her toes in those sideways but that’d be about it.

I really get a “I’m fed up with your crap” vibe from Ivy’s face, so that’s carried over into my personality for her. Between her outfit reminding me of Peter Pan and our multiple ballet-ish one leg poses we managed for her the other night, I’ve decided she’s also a bit of a theater geek, and gets along well with Dexter as a result.

I’m excited to eventually add more of these to my collection! Ultimately, while I am disappointed by the limited leg movement, I really like this line and can see myself collecting them as they continue to expand the line!



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