Custom Doll for Sale: Connie

I’ve been working on this little lady for what feels like forever! Meet Connie Maheswaran!


Some of you may recognize her from the Poison Ivy post from earlier this week; others may recognize her from Steven Universe. And indeed, she is based on the Steven Universe character!

I dragged my housemate out about a month ago to go look at Hasbro’s Disney dolls. She’s very patient with my hobby/addiction (and also a good person to have along to keep me in line). However, she was the one who looked at Jasmine and said “she’d be perfect to make a Connie out of!” And here we are now.

Connie’s faceup got done very shortly after she came home, and she’s just been waiting on me to finish her clothes. That took me a while for a number of reasons: for one thing, my sewing machine is evil, so I hand-sew all doll clothes. For another, I was designing patterns myself by trial and error, rather than using one of DGRequiem’s like I would for most customs. But more importantly, I wanted to make her three outfits. And that I did. Her first outfit is the one pictured above, her “Theme Song” outfit complete with a sunhat and little glasses:


The dress is made of cotton and knit material. Her boots and sunhat are felt, and the glasses are wire wrapped with embroidery floss.

Her second outfit is her “Tennis Practice” outfit:

Knit fabric for the t-shirt, cotton for the shorts, and felt for the shoes. Her shorts have sewn-on details and her shoes have white painted edging.

Finally, my personal favorite, Connie’s “Sword Training” outfit:


This outfit is from knit fabric, with felt belt and shoes, and polymer clay sword.

Connie is now available at my Etsy shop for $60 if you’re interested! You can find the listing here:



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