Sewing for Dolls: Doll Quilts!

As you might have guessed, I like to craft. I also work at a fabric and craft supply store, which does not help when you have an impulse-buying habit. At the moment, however, I’m not letting myself buy any craft supplies until the end of the month, and that means I’m using up what I’ve got hanging around.

A coworker recently mentioned she was making quilted mug-rugs as a scrap project, and while searching around for ideas I stumbled across the idea of making mini-quilts for dolls. I thought it’d be a really fun project for practicing quilting, so I’ve made a couple this week, and they’re super fun to make!

The first one I made was using some leftover fabric from an apron I made to wear to work. The fabric reminds me of ladybugs. Since it was my first I went with a really simple patchwork pattern.


It measures out at about 12×16″ and I got it done in two sittings. It’s my first time machine quilting too so that was a fun experiment!


I had so much fun making the first I immediately went to make a second! This one I decided to try a bit more complicated of a pattern, so I used a disappearing nine-patch technique and nine different fabrics.


I don’t think this one turned out quite as nice. The pieces were kind of uneven, so the blanket’s not perfectly square, and I got the alignment on one of them wrong in the end. But I still really like it! It measured out at a bit over 16″ square.

I really enjoyed making these, and I fully plan to do more in the future- in fact, I’ve got the next one planned out already and will probably put it together later this week! These two are currently available in my Etsy shop for $20 each if you like them.


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