Recent Newcomers- Asamura, Anxelin, and Mamoru

Playing “catch-up” is fun! In the past few months I’ve had a handful of newcomers come along my way so I thought I’d share a little about them here!

First we have Asamura and Anxelin.


Asamura (Murry for short) is a Pullip Aya and Anxelin (Anxi) is Byul Pollon. Both of them came secondhand from a mass doll lot somebody was selling over at the DollyMarket Forum. They were very much an impulse buy for me- I’d never even looked at either of them until they came up in this lot and suddenly felt like I had to have them. These girls have apparently seen some “use” as they both came with fairly ratty wigs, as you might be able to see above, but I already love them to bits.

Both have received some customization work at this point- for one thing, they got fabric softener soaks that did wonders for removing the tangles and smoothing out their hair. Anxelin received some minor faceup modification: the addition of faint freckles and a little bit of blue eyeshadow near the corners of her eyes. I had seen some owner pics of another Pollon with freckles added and absolutely loved it so I felt the need to follow suit.


Murry’s custom work comes in the form of an arm tattoo. For some reason she strikes me as the type of girl to get a Chinese/Japanese tattoo because it looks pretty but not quite fact check it enough so she ends up with some really random phrase. The one I gave her should say “sesame chicken” assuming I didn’t goof it up even more.


It’s also my intent to buy Asamura a new wig before too long. I’m looking mainly at Monique’s “Destiny” wig in burgundy.

Asamura and Anxelin are “sisters”- Murry is Anxi’s legal guardian but they don’t view each other as mother/daughter because of their ages. They have just moved in next door to Jace in his apartment complex, and the other dolls don’t know a whole lot about their backgrounds yet- expect more to come on this!

My other recent new doll is Taeyang Tuxedo Mask, who I’m allowing to keep his “real” name and calling him Mamoru Chiba. I started watching/reading Sailor Moon a few months ago and Mamoru is by far my favorite character in the series, so I knew he would be my first Taeyang. To be perfectly honest, I’m not a huge fan of Taeyang overall- I find they look a bit old (character age-wise) for my liking and I just find myself much preferring Isul. But he makes an absolute perfect Tuxedo Mask and I had to have him, so after selling my custom Star Butterfly doll Mamoru was my immediate purchase.


As I said, I do think he’s perfect as Mamoru, and I really am in love with this guy! He’s got some problems where his right arm wants to fall off if you turn it wrong, but that’s easily rectified.

One thing I haven’t seen mentioned a whole lot that I thought I’d mention here in case anyone else was curious: the attachment of Taeyang Tuxedo Mask’s mask. I was a bit confused by this until I saw an unboxing video that cleared things up for me. There’s a little wire sewn in at the center of the mask with bent ends facing downward. The wire is flexible enough to be adjusted, and you’re meant to slide the ends of it into the eye sockets to hold the mask in place.


You can kind of see what I mean there. Quite frankly, it’s one of the few doll-hobby-related things that has ever really creeped me out, and I struggle to get it adjusted right, so my Mamoru is probably going to go without his mask most of the time. In fact, one of my first orders of business dolly-crafting-wise in the near future is to make him his “default” civilian clothes from the anime, so it shouldn’t be a problem much longer.

Mamoru is the third Groove doll to spend any time with me that’s based on a fictional character, so the time had come for me to decide how that fit in with my otherwise normal-human-y Groove dolls like Marty and co. I’d decided a while ago that while Marty and the others were from a near-reality earth, that things were not exactly the same as our reality: Marty and Nemo’s hair color is natural, for example, and creatures like the Ai dolls exist. So I just took things a step further in my decision for dolls like Nico and Mamoru. Basically my approach is this: Marty and co. are from an alternate reality earth very similar to our own, but with some aforementioned differences. One difference is that interdimensional travel is possible and is just now starting to be an option to the mass market, still used mainly as a luxury for really expensive vacations and such. Many of the worlds of fiction like novels and TV shows have proven to exist in alternate dimensions, and occasionally characters from these dimensions will visit or move to Marty’s world. Therefore my “fictional” dolls are basically all interdimensional travellers.

Nevada has never read or watched Sailor Moon. Never one to mince words, she’s already pointed out that she and Mamoru have very compatible coloration and would make beautiful babies together, but with Usako and Chibiusa waiting back home he’s very not interested (and Marty, Nemo, and Jace, all Sailor Moon fans, are a bit embarrassed for her for trying).



I’ve already got one more doll on the way with the plans to buy several more, so expect similar posts in the future!


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