Photoshoot 3/19/2016: Marty and Jace “Spring Out”

(In case you haven’t noticed yet: I now have a page with commission information for things such as faceups, reroots, custom outfits, etc. Check it out if you’re interested!)

Marty is very much a spring-loving type of girl, so as soon as the weather turned even a little bit warm she was ready to go out and enjoy the world. We had a couple of false starts on that, though- here’s the only photo I got of our first attempt before it started pouring:

Our second and third attempts were met with me having a bad bout of social anxiety: nerves about the neighbors possibly seeing me taking doll photos and then me accidentally taking a non-public road at the park we attempted to visit saw to that. Luckily, on my fourth attempt, my wonderful and supportive best friend was kind enough to go with me so I didn’t feel so alone, and we got our adventure!

Marty had invited both Jace and Nevada to go with her and explore the park after classes. Jace was all for it, but Nevada claimed she “wasn’t feeling well” and skipped out on the outing. It turned out not being quite as spring-y as it could have been- only about 45F and dropping as the sun set- but Marty was determined to have a good time with Jace even in the cold weather!

I feel like you can really see the difference in personalities in the two here. They’re great friends despite it all, but Marty’s definitely the more outgoing and peppy of the two while Jace is a bit more reserved and serious. He still has lots of fun with her, though, and was kind enough to help keep her warm when it did start getting a bit chilly for her.

All in all, the two had fun! And if Nevada seemed perfectly healthy when they got back, well, neither one was going to question it.


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