Custom Dal: Star Butterfly!

I promised I would give this little lady her own blog post, and here we are! This is the custom doll I made for the customization contest at PUDDLE this year: Star Butterfly, the main character from Disney Channel’s “Star Vs. the Forces of Evil!” And what better day to share her details than the day that Season 2 premieres?


The theme of this year’s PUDDLE was space, and I wanted to do something at least somewhat related to that, so I settled on Star because I absolutely love the show and thought her character design would translate well to dolly form. Star is a princess from the planet Mewni in another dimension who has been sent to earth to have a safe place to grow and mature for a while. There’s lots of interdimensional travel in the show, so I thought it fit the theme!

I chose a Dal because Star is only 14 and I felt the mold fit her youthfulness, if not her excitement and pep. She does look on the grumpier side compared to the actual character, but I think that’s okay!

I had a bit of a hard time getting her together- for one thing, PullipStyle sold out of Dal MIO kits literally less than 12 hours before I was going to buy hers, and so I had to buy from Groove USA, which cost me a little more. Then she got here and I almost immediately snapped her hands off at the wrists because for some reason they were incredibly stiff. I also had to track down her eyechips when they arrived because I wasn’t there to sign for the delivery and they ended up at the wrong post office, and then I managed to order Pullip-sized tights instead of Dal-sized so they’re actually just bunched up under her skirt! Really, though, she was a lot of fun to put together and I’m super happy with how she turned out, so that’s all nice at least!

Star was the first doll I ever ordered a Monique wig for (Faith in yellow), and I was amazed at how silky-soft it was! I’ll definitely be buying from Monique in the future; I’m just a bit disappointed though that there’s not more fantasy-colored wigs since that’s what I tend to gravitate toward. Her eyechips are matte chips from CoolCat- all I did to them was paint the pupils black and add the little star highlights. I thought they’d make a nice touch. Here’s a closeup of her finished face (done mostly in acrylic paints with a little bit of watercolor pencil):

Naturally, you can’t see the stars in her eyes all that well in this photo. Oops!

As mentioned above, I also purchased her tights premade. They came from JLHSisterDesigns on Etsy and are very well-made; I definitely recommend them. (Do make sure to order the right size unlike me though!) Aside from the wig, eyechips, and tights, everything else was made by me!

One of the things I love about Star’s design is that it’s got so many cute little details! I loved incorporating them into the doll’s outfit! You can see her devil-horns headband made from red felt above, and here are some more of the cute details:

Her bag is also made from felt and embroidery floss, and is big enough to hold her wand. You can see the trim on her sleeves and skirt here too!
The octopus on the front of her dress is so cute! The dress itself was made from knit fabric (cotton for the collar) and used a modified version of Requiem’s Looking Glass Lolita pattern.
Her shoes were super fun! I made them using vinyl samples I picked up from Jo-Ann, and the “horns” are actually cat claw covers I painted white!

Star’s wand, though, is the piece that I’m probably most proud of, because I’m usually not very good at sculpting and I think it turned out pretty nice. I used an air-drying clay product called “Cloud Clay” to make it and really liked how well it held detail while still being easy to shape. The star on the front is a scrapbooking sticker I thought was just perfect!


If you read my entry on PUDDLE you already know that Star ended up winning the Dal/Byul customization category, so I really feel like she was worth the effort! She also has now gone on to a new home, having caught the eye of PUDDLE organizer TrueFan. This is especially exciting to me because it was one of my dolly-related goals this year to sell a custom doll, and I can now say that I’ve accomplished that! I’m so proud of her and so happy she’s gone to a home where I know she will be loved!

I’m already working on my next custom Dal and she’s also coming along nicely, so keep an eye out for her in the near future!


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