Photo Ficlet: Finally!

This is something I haven’t done much of here- short little ficlets based around the characters/personalities of my dolls. I was a writer and artist long before I was a doll collector, so it’s something I’ve thought about doing a lot, but I’m just now getting around to doing now. Expect more in the future, though, sometimes with photos and sometimes with artwork.

This was the first full photoshoot I did using my DSLR (also used for some of the indoor photos of Star) and I’m still learning to get it to focus and such so there were lots of pictures that didn’t turn out too well. This was also a fun one due to location- I was taking pictures from the hallway because this was the only really uncluttered part of our house so I was laying down in some really interesting poses to get these photos.


Nevada: Well, I’m glad we could all make it today. Summer vacation can make it hard to find time to see friends, even when we do all live in the city. I think it’s important we find time to socialize.
Marty: Yeah! I really love hanging out with you guys! You’re welcome to come chill at our place anytime, you know. Ooh, Jace, you’ve gotta try this one! It’s delicious! Here.


Jace: You’re right, that is good! I’ll have to order that one next time.


Nemo:…Anyway. Are either of you doing anything exciting this summer?
Nevada: Oh, the usual obligatory trip with the parents. We’re going to Paris this year.
Marty: Sounds fun!
Nevada: Not really. At least Paris is fashion-forward.


Jace: I’ll be going to see family as well, in July. It’ll be nice to see my sister Jayni again.
Marty: Where’s she live?
Jace: Boston. It’s a lovely city; you all should come with me sometime.


Marty: Sounds great! Mom and Dad are coming to see us for a week in August, so you guys will have to meet them then! This smoothie is amazing; what kind did you get?
Jace: Honey mango. Oh, hold still. You’ve got a little something there.


Nevada: All right, that’s it! You know, a large part of the reason I let you two be friends with me is because you’re both incredibly perceptive. You’re really good at reading other people’s intentions. So why, for the love of Coco Chanel, do you suck so hard at reading each other?



Nevada: You! Are you doing anything Friday afternoon?
Jace: …I don’t think so?
Nevada: And are you doing anything Friday afternoon. Marty?
Marty: Huh-uh.
Nevada: Faaantastic. Since you two can’t seem to figure out how much you’re into each other and ask each other out on your own, I’ve just done it for you. You can figure out between the two of you what you want to do. Or you can decide not to go, I suppose, but in that case please spare yourselves all this mushy build-up stuff in the future.


Nevada: Come on, Klepto, I’ll drive you home. Let’s give these two idiots time to figure things out.


Jace: Is she right? Are we missing the obvious here?


Marty: See, here’s the thing. I really like spending time with you, Jace. In the past year you’ve gone to some random person whose want ad I responded to, to my best friend, and I’m so grateful for that. And yeah, I can’t deny that there’s been times when I’ve thought about what it might be like if we were something more. But I really dig our friendships- not just with each other, but with Nevada and Asamura and the others- and I don’t ever want to do anything to jeapordize that, you know? I could never bring myself to be so selfish as to pursue something more unless I knew for sure it wouldn’t hurt any of our bonds. Although I guess I know where Nevada stands on that matter now, so really I suppose I just need to know how you feel.


Jace: Marty, I’m sorry.


Marty: Oh.


Jace: Oh my god, that came out wrong! That’s not what I meant! I’m sorry for being an oblivious moron, is what I mean! Sorry I didn’t notice that you had those sort of feelings for me, or even more so that I had the same sort of feelings for you. Nevada’s right; I do tend to get a little oblivious when it comes to you. But don’t you ever worry that you’re going to ruin our friendship- none of us are going to let that happen. Don’t be afraid to go for what you want- in cases like this it may be what we’re all wanting, after all. …Good gracious, I’m usually more eloquent than this.


Marty: So are we on the same page then?
Jace: It certainly sounds like it.
Marty: Soooo do we have a date on Friday?
Jace: It would be rude of us to turn down the opportunity Nevada has given us, don’t you think?
Marty: Oh, yes, absolutely! We must honor her wishes; to do otherwise would simply be cruel. There’s just one more question to be asked.
Jace: What’s that?

Marty: Are you going to finish this?



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