Selling some of my dolly-related extras!

I’ve recently gone through all my doll stuff and am trying to weed out considerably, so here’s a great big sales post of things I’m offering up to the world!

General Info

~Smoke-free, cat friendly home. My cat gets into everything whether I want her to or not so if you have allergies I’d say steer clear.

~Payment via PayPal, please.

~Prices listed do not include shipping, unless otherwise stated. I’m willing to ship internationally at the buyer’s expense. Please contact me for shipping quotes; I’ll do my best to get as accurate of a number as I can.

~Prices are not set in stone. Feel free to make offers, especially if you’re buying several things.

~I’d really appreciate it if you could link to some sort of buy/sell/trade feedback too! It helps to put my mind at ease!



I’d be willing to work out trades for the following:

~Non-stock eyechips

~Obitsu or Pureneemo bodies (I tend to prefer smaller busts over larger, and on obitsu I like 25cm a little better than 27cm)

~Monique Destiny wig in 8-9” burgundy (on the off chance somebody’s trying to get rid of one)

Please note that at the moment I don’t really have a lot of extra money to spend on doll things, so I’m not able to do partial trades on my end. Please only offer trades if you’re wanting enough of my items to make it worthwhile for you! 🙂





Taeyang Alberic Stock Wig: $5

Dal Charlotte Stock Wig: $5 (I bought and de-wigged two Charlottes, and both times the curls from the sides of her head came off separate from the wig. I’m assuming this is standard but wanted to make note of it regardless.)


Off-brand wig: $1

I bought this one at a flea market, still in its original packaging. It was some brand I’d never heard of and seemed to be geared more towards cloth dolls and baby dolls. It doesn’t look terrible on a Groove doll; the hair’s a little thin and the actual wig cap is far too small to stay on without gluing/cover the bald spot and roughness left by a stock wig, but if someone has a use for it please take it! A couple more pictures:


To show off the general sizing of the “cap” itself.


And an idea of how it looks on a Groove doll, modelled by Alberic because he’s the only assembled baldy I have at the moment.


Stock Outfits


Isul Sith:

Coat $3

Pants $2

Backpack $2

Hat $1 (The black pleather is peeling really badly for some reason)

Bow and Skull charm removed from shirt- free; just pay shipping


Byul Tiger Lily:

Vest $2

Headdress $1

Capelet $1

Quiver $1

Undies $1


Pullip Aya Hairpiece $2- This is rather frizzy and probably needs some sort of TLC to get it looking decent. I am at least the second owner; prior history is unknown.


Byul Pollon:

Bonnet $2

Jacket $2

I am at least the second owner; prior history is unknown.


Isul Fairy Lumiere:

Wand $1

Hat $2- The cat got ahold of this one, so the tassel is less full than it should be. It’s also fairly crinkly; I thought I’d stored it with plenty of space but apparently something smooshed it.


Taeyang Alberic:

Full stock without wig: $16

Full stock with wig: $20

Inquire about prices for individual pieces. The little silvery loop thing that I think is a garter was loose in the box when I got him and doesn’t appear to have any sort of velcro or fastener where it is separated; not sure if it was supposed to be a continuous loop or have a fastener but neither was true when I got him.


Dal Charlotte:

(Currently pending- I have an offer on the petticoat and shoes; no full stock sales available until after these items clear or fail to clear)

Full stock without wig: $16

Full stock with wig: $20

Inquire about prices for individual pieces.




Pullip Type 4 Stock Body $7- squeaky hips but otherwise in good condition.

PENDING Dal Stock Body $3- both wrists broke as soon as I tried to move them. I attempted to glue the hands back on; one is still attached (not super securely though) and the other has gone missing. Otherwise fine, just needs those new arms!


Cards: $0.50 each


Non Pullip

Low Quality Custom Dolls/Custom Bait Dolls

Most of these have some sort of flaw or issue with them, which I have done my best to note here. These are being offered as-is and I won’t be particularly offended if you wipe my customizations, etc. for your own usage.


(All of these girls are getting a boil perm treatment as soon as I get a chance; new photos when that happens.)

Cotton Candy Clawdeen $15- Reroot and faceup by me. Cleo De Nile body with Clawdeen’s head and hands. Her neck hole was widened inexpertly in an attempt to get her old hair out more easily; her neck plug has hair elastics on it to attempt to help her head hold its place better but it’s still on the wobbly side. There are a couple of errant blue specks on her face:


Baby Blue Lagoona $15- Haircut and faceup by me. Her hair’s on the gluey side. Her leg fins are still present. No major flaws that I can see other than the sticky hair.


Honey Lemon $7- Faceup by me. Was going to be Honey Lemon from Big Hero Six but I got a little overzealous on the teeth. Ashlynn Ella is the base model. She’s come into contact with my first ever custom doll, who I had sharpie-dyed the hair on and hadn’t realized was starting to leach, so  she’s got a greenish spot on her cheek that I doubt will fully come off, although I haven’t tried. Maybe she could become a zombie or something?


Sweetheart Operetta $10- Faceup and addition of pink streak in hair by me. Her eyebrows may have stained the surrounding vinyl (I did seal her so it may just be bleeding over the sealant but I’m not sure) and her lips are doing this weird thing that all my light-lipped customs from right around that time are doing where the color’s breaking down and turning chalky-looking. Comes with outfit shown in picture, or buy her nude for $6.




Yellow-Eyes Scarah $5- dehaired, faceup by me. She’s got a split in her scalp along the part, toward the front, and her sealant is kind of flaking (probably from being thrown around in a box more than anything).

Blankie McStains $3- a blank Ashlynn Ella that used to be a self-portrait doll. The neck peg broke out; I can’t remember now if I glued it back in or just attached the head gently without it but if you want to know I can check. She has stains on her face because I dyed her hair with sharpies (you may be sensing a trend of idiocy from my early customizing days here); I have given her one zit cream treatment and they’ve faded considerably but they’re still there.

Cross-Eyed Cerise $5- dehaired, faceup by me. Her irises seem to have faded unexpectedly, and there’s some mild sealant flaking, but otherwise in okay condition.


Mattel Disney Dolls- Free; just pay shipping. If anybody wants these, please take them off my hands, otherwise they’re going to be in my next batch of thrift store donations.



Apple Head- Free; just pay shipping. A foam apple that has been “modded” (aka had a hole poked into the bottom) to fit as a head for an Ever After High doll. I never really bonded with my apple head girl so I figured if someone else wanted one they could avoid the work of finding and making a head. 🙂


Monster High Dolls


Signature Operetta $10- complete, includes everything pictured. Her hair’s not great, but it’s not terrible either.


I ❤ Accessories Operetta $6- complete, comes with everything pictured. I’ve never done anything much with her hair so it’s still pretty box-hair-ish.


Kiyomi Haunterly $8- complete, comes with everything pictured. I made her more “faceless” by removing all factory paint except for her lipstick. Her hair is fantastically silky and wonderful.



My Little Pony


Pinkie Pie and Applejack $3 ea or $5 for both- I have no idea what release Pinkie Pie is. Applejack’s packaging is pretty beat up, not suited for MIB collectors.


Miscellaneous Clothing and Accessories


-Disney Outfits $2 each- Hasbro Jasmine and Pocahontas

-Monster High pieces $1 each

-Blue fleecy shorts .50


Monster High Plastic Items $1 each


Various items .50 each (paired sets such as shoes and earrings count as one item)


Various items .25 each (paired sets such as shoes and earrings count as one item. Additionally, each of the two piles of hair clips and the one pile of “food” things are priced for the whole pile. If I ever find Jasmine’s other earring I’ll include that too but it seems to have gone missing.)


Cards and Journals


Free; just pay shipping. To my knowledge, here are the ones I have:

-DC Superhero Girls Poison Ivy (Signature release school ID)

-Art Class Draculaura

-Way Too Wonderland Madeline Hatter

-Skulltimate Roller Maze art card of some sort?

-Signature CA Cupid (EAH)

-Signature Raven Queen

-Signature Ginger Breadhouse

-Signature Holly O’Hair

-Signature Poppy O’hair




Free; just pay shipping. Most of them are either Monster High or Ever After High; the heart-shaped one is Once Upon a Zombie and I’m not sure about the roundish silver one (although I’d guess either Mattel’s Tangled Ever After Rapunzel or Fairy Tale High Rapunzel based on dolls I own)


Handmade Goods


Doll Quilts $20 each- Made by me, machine quilted.

Crocheted cat ears hat $5- sized for Pullip. Here’s Marty in her blue one for an idea of fit:


(I’m also more than happy to do made-to-order crocheted items for dolls or doll quilts; just let me know if you have an idea and we can work something out!)


And that’s about it! If you’re interested in anything, please get in touch with me and we can work something out!


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