Countdown to PUDDLE 2017

Ok, so in reality crunch time for me started a couple months ago when I began to work in earnest on faceups and supply ordering. But as PUDDLE 2017 approaches and I’m semi-scrambling to get everything done that I’m wanting to get done, I thought I’d share a little about my PUDDLE-related projects with you and their progress (partially as an impetus for myself to keep working on them)!

Contest Dolls

I’m planning on entering three dolls into the customization contests this year: two full customs and one partial custom. I’m keeping who I’m making a surprise, but the two full customs are both from one of my favorite animes (one that sort of fits the tea party theme) and the partial custom is from another of my favorite shows. 

Full Custom Isul: the closest of the bunch to being finished. Faceup and rebody has been completed, as well as the majority of one of the two outfits I’m making for this doll. I need to finish outfit one, make all of outfit two, make two pairs of shoes, and attach and style the wig. I’m also waiting on a couple minor accessories to arrive. 

Full Custom Taeyang: this guy arrived a little later than the rest so he’s not as far along as everyone else. I’ve sanded off his stock faceup. His clothes are in progress, but I have not yet done his faceup (I’ve got it planned for late March) and I’ll have to wait until his eyelashes come in to put him together anyway. He’ll also have some shoes I’ll need to make, and of course attaching and styling the wig once the faceup is done. 

Partial custom Taeyang: aka the “how is the one with the least sanding and painting to do still the most complicated custom?!” doll. His faceup modification is done, and it looks great. I’m custom-making a wig for him since he has sort of distinctive hair (that’ll be a first for me; wish me luck!) and I’ll have to custom-draft the patterns for his clothes as well, including shoes, since they’re pretty unique and complicated. Depending on the time I have left I may be making some accessories too. I’m hoping he’ll turn out looking as nice as he does in my head! Somehow I managed to lose one of his eyelids- I’m hoping I’ll track it down but I’m starting to doubt it so there may be some finagling involved there too. 

Non-Contest Dolls

I’m also working on a few custom dolls not for contests, but just to show off and potentially sell. The contest dolls are my top priority, but these ones I really want to have ready as well!

Deer Boy Isul: is going to be super cute, I think! I’ve got his faceup finished and it’s my favorite of the bunch. He’ll need custom clothes and shoes when I get the chance, as well as detachable deer ears and a tail. I’m waiting for the clips I’m using for those to come in, as well as his wig (which may also be my favorite wig I’ve ordered for this bunch).

Skunk Girl Dal: is growing on me the more that I work on her. Her faceup is done and she’s gotten her wig in. I still need to attach and style it, but it does make her look a lot cuter than she did without it, and I think once I get her outfit and shoes made that I’ve got planned, she’ll be a darling. 

Stevonnie: is not a Groove brand doll but a Hasbro Pocahontas. I’ve been wanting to make her since I did Connie, and I’m excited to get her finished! Her faceup is done, which means what remains is sculpting and painting her gem, styling her hair, and sewing her clothes. Since Stevonnie has a pretty basic “central outfit” with several variations I’ll be making her three full outfits, and I’m thrilled that I don’t have to do shoes for her!

Josefin Dal: is someone I’ve been working on since just after last PUDDLE- oops! She’s completely assembled including her wig, and I was even able to find shoes I liked for her online, so really all I have to do is sew her clothes, but sewing doll clothes is something I have a serious love-hate relationship for so I’ve been putting it off. She’s low priority still compared to all the other dolls, but I hope to be able to have her ready to travel with me too!

Non-PUDDLE Stuff

And I might as well give a bit of a general update on some other doll crafting I hope to be doing but don’t necessarily have to get done by PUDDLE. 

BJD: I’m officially waiting on my first real, resin BJD- a DikaDoll Mudan/Peony Lion with a faceup. I know what I want her to look like and I’ve already received her wig, which is perfect, and some eye options. I’ve got a pattern printed out to make an outfit for her, a kimono, so now if I get a chance I’m going to get that cranked out. I’m not planning on bringing her to PUDDLE so it’s not crucial, but I’d love to have her an outfit before she gets here (which I don’t know the exact time frame on anyway but I’m predicting May). The good news is the pieces are big enough I think I might be able to tolerate machine sewing this one. 

Custom Byul: I recently impulse-bid on an inexpensive Byul Rhiannon on eBay, fully expecting not to win, and won. I wasn’t in love with her stock look (she came without any of her stock items), so I was tentatively thinking about customizing her, and when she arrived and I discovered she wasn’t in great shape (ratty wig that had been hot glued on, scraped eyechips, dirt marks, etc.) that sealed it for me. Since I didn’t pay much for her I don’t feel bad experimenting a bit on her, so she’s going to be my guinea pig for some more extreme customization- facial carving, sculpting, and full body painting to change skin tone. I’ve already got her carving mostly done and I’m pretty happy with it other than some fine tuning I want to do. I still need to sand-matte her body in preparation for painting and do her sculpting, and I haven’t even begun to look into eyechips or anything for her. I think I’m going to make her a brushed yarn wig, and her outfit will be pretty straightforward, so as long as the experimental parts go well I think she’ll turn out great! I’m keeping her future identity a secret too, but I will tell you that she’s a Steven Universe character. She’s almost certainly going to be a post-PUDDLE project because of the amount of work involved on her, as well as how much I have to get done before PUDDLE, but I’m already excited to see how she’ll shape up!

And that about covers it! Be expecting more updates in the future as well as some dolly sneak peeks!


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