PUDDLE Prep Update #1

Figured I’d share an update for my progress on getting ready for PUDDLE- I think I’ll try and share at least monthly updates for you all!

Contest dolls are coming along nicely, and are almost finished. All three of them just need some accessories (in total, 4 pairs of shoes, 2 ties, and 1 pair of fingerless gloves) and some detail work on the clothes (painted details on outfits for all three and some decorative cord on my partial custom boy). My goal is to get all that done by no later than next Monday. 

The handmade wig for my partial custom boy turned out nicely! I did have one false start with the wig cap, but after that it was pretty smooth sailing. Sewing with that much hair in the way was a bit fiddly but it honestly didn’t take nearly as long as I expected it to, and the results looked fine for my first try. 

^Partial custom boy channeling the girl from The Ring a bit before his haircut. 

All dolls have had their necessary haircuts and styling and are fully assembled body-wise now. The hair all looks quite nice and I’m really excited about that! Sooo much doll hair everywhere, though, this week!

After I finish up the contest dolls, the next month of work is set to be focused on Skunk Girl and Deer Boy. I’ve got a Doll Coordinate Recipe book on its way to me right now, set to arrive today (assuming the shipping company’s website is right that the tracking is lying to me and it’s not getting delivered to a city on the other side of the state like it says, but I digress) and I’m thinking it might have a great skirt pattern for Skunk Girl, but we’ll just have to wait and see. 

See you next update!


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