PUDDLE Prep Update #3 (And Sneak Peek!)


The time has seriously flown by. I can’t believe it.

The good news is that, as of today, 100% of my crafting on every single doll I’ve been working on for PUDDLE is done. Admittedly, there were like 3-4 items I had originally planned to make that I scrapped in that time, but still, it feels incredible to have everything actually together.

The bad news is that I’ve still got other prep to do for PUDDLE so my work isn’t over yet. I want to make write-ups for all the dolls I’m hoping to sell, as well as prep the contest entry slips for the three contest dolls in advance, I want nice pictures of all of them prior to the trip just in case I do sell them while I’m there, and there’s a couple other things I may or may not do such as business cards (is it even possible to get those on such short notice? I’m gonna find out!)

The other good news is that I got about half of the photography done today, which means today you get a sneak peek of four of the custom dolls I’ll be bringing with me!

PUDDLE 2017 Preview 1

Don’t want to reveal too much yet on the contest dolls themselves, which is why you don’t get to see faces on any of them, but this is probably enough for at least some to figure out who I’ve made! The top left image is my full custom Isul and Taeyang for the contests, bottom left is my partial custom Taeyang (with his wig looking much nicer now that it’s properly cut!), and bottom right is Josefin, the custom Dal of ultimate procrastination.

The rest of my pictures I’m planning on taking this upcoming Saturday, so expect preview images of Deer boy, Skunk girl, and Stevonnie soon! Everyone’s going to get their own posts eventually with all their pictures and descriptions of their customizations, etc., so don’t expect too much yet, but since none of them are contest dolls I probably won’t be quite as secretive as I have on some of these guys.

The bomber jacket I made for Stevonnie from the DCR book turned out great,  in case anyone was wondering! There was some tweaking I could have done to make it TV perfect, but it still looks great and proves I can successfully follow a pattern from the book. I might have to make another one for my dolls when I have the time! I told my roommate/best friend/dolly enabler yesterday that the divide between the clothes I want my dolls to have (and am capable of making) and the clothes I have the time and/or patience to make is really wide sometimes, and I’ve already got a dolly to-do list going for after PUDDLE as well as lots of catching up to do on my other hobbies, but I do think the DCR book and all the new DGRequiem patterns I got as a result of PUDDLE sewing will become wonderful tools in my arsenal!


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