PUDDLE: Final Preview!

Pictures are all done! So here’s the sneak preview of the other three dolls:

PUDDLE 2017 Preview 2

Out of the seven dolls I made for PUDDLE, I think the little Deer Boy is my favorite; he turned out closest to what I envisioned from the start and I just stinking love Isuls. I’m excited to finally share a sneak peek with you!

Along with the custom dolls you’ve heard me talk so much about, I’ve settled on three “just for fun” dolls to tag along with me. Both my Isul girls, Jayni and Sophie, have been shoe-ins for a while because they’re my top priorities for rebodies (both are on their stock boy bodies at the moment). That was originally going to be it, but my roommate (who gives me trouble a lot for spoiling Marty) was shocked when she heard I wasn’t taking Marty with me, insisting she was my travel doll. I hadn’t ever really thought of her that way, but she is the only Pullip who’s been to Japan with me (because I bought her there) and she’s often my go-to, so Marty’s going to tag along again. The ladies felt they should dress appropriately for the tea party theme, although they all had different interpretations of what that means:

tea party kiddos

(Excuse the grainy phone photo; I’d already put my DSLR away for the day and was too lazy to get it back out.)

All the dolls, clothes, and stands have been packed away and are ready to travel. I’ve also last-minute made myself a T-shirt to wear at the convention, mainly because I’m a dork, and I’m waiting on some business cards I ordered to come in on Tuesday. I’ll do my actual human-sized packing on Wednesday. Our PUDDLE journey will start on Thursday as my parents live in central Illinois and we’ll be staying the night with them before heading to Chicago Friday. With less than a week left I’m so excited!!


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