Non-Contest Full Custom: Josefin

So this would be the doll I’ve been working on more or less since last year’s PUDDLE.

As you may remember, last year my full custom entry, Star Butterfly, won her subcategory, with the prize being a Dal MIO kit. Josefin is that Dal MIO kit, finally completed. I’d actually planned her design in the couple of weeks immediately after last year’s event, and got her faceup done last summer as well as ordering in her wig, glasses, and shoes, but then I got to the part I always dread the most: clothing. This I even bought the supplies for last summer, but I kept putting it off until I was already making my push to get this year’s PUDDLE dolls done, when I finally decided to get her finished as well.


Her faceup I’m pretty pleased with. I think it was one of my first with the higher quality watercolor pencils. I did accidentally get a thin line of blue paint underneath the end of one of her eyebrows, which got turned into a symmetrical feature. Kind of dumb, but it works!

She’s the only PUDDLE 2017 doll with non-CoolCat eyechips. They actually came from PUDDLE too, an advertisement for the now-defunct Dollchemy forums. I believe but am not certain they were made by KiraKira. They were actually the main inspiration for her color scheme too. I’ve got two more pairs of the Dollchemy eyechips at home. One is getting used for Vanellope when I make her, and the other I’m going to save until I get the right inspiration. Josefin’ wig is from For My Doll. Her glasses I ordered on eBay, so I’m not sure the maker of them.


Her clothes were kind of a whole slew of different patterns from DGRequiem, and I actually entered her outfit into the May Franken-Fashion challenge as a result. The jacket is yet another use of the Barbie princess bodice and sleeves, with the Pullip kigurumi hood and a MH sailor senshi bow on it. The dress is the bodice and a shortened version of the skirt from the MH looking glass Lolita dress (the same pattern I used for Star last year), and the leggings are a modification of the MH super stretch tights. Her hat I didn’t have a pattern for; I traced Marty’s hat and went from there.


Fun story about the shoes. I had ordered Josefin a pair of blue canvas sneaker-style shoes off of eBay at the same time I ordered her glasses. They were really cute and perfect for the character. Unfortunately, at some point in the recent past (as in, I know I saw them in April or May) I completely lost track of them. They’re not in any of the places I usually get lazy and tuck doll-related things, and I’m just not sure at all where they might have gone. I realized this approximately three weeks before PUDDLE, which meant it was too late to order another pair since they ship from overseas and usually take about a month to get here. So I took a gamble and went to see if I could find any good Barbie shoes. Incredibly, the first pack I checked had not only a pair of white high-tops that work pretty well in place of the blue shoes she had, but also a pair of orange heels that were cute with the color scheme. This is also the pack I snagged skunk girl’s replacement shoes from. I still would have liked to have given Josefin the canvas shoes if I could have, because they just feel slightly more quality to me, but sometimes you just have to make do with what you have!

I’m glad I was able to get her done in time for PUDDLE and she was able to come back with me, even if she wasn’t a contest doll! She really enjoyed all the attention she got while she was at PUDDLE!


At this time, Josefin is still looking for a home! If you’d be interested in adopting her, please check out her etsy listing here!


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