Non-Contest Full Custom: Stevonnie

You may remember quite a while ago when I posted about my Hasbro Disney Princess custom doll I made, Connie Maheswaran from Steven Universe. Even when I was making her I knew I’d really love to use the line’s Pocahontas doll to make Stevonnie, the fusion of Steven and Connie.  So when Connie sold a while back, I used some of the sales money to pick up a Pocahontas for just that purpose.

And then, you’ll probably not be remotely surprised to hear, I procrastinated. It was only adding her to my PUDDLE list that got her done. But hey, at least I got her done!


Customizing playline fashion dolls feels like a whole different ball game than Pullips and such, because you get to paint the eyes and everything’s smaller. I do really enjoy painting eyes. I can’t do those hyper-realistic watercolor pencil eyes you see some people do, but I’ve always liked a slightly more cartoony style in my hand-drawn art as well as in my doll art so I’m not bothered by that. Steven Universe is slightly more cartoony than my doll style (mainly in the fact that eye colors are not shown for most characters) so  translating their characters effectively always seems like a bit of a challenge, but I’m pretty pleased with the face I gave her and I especially like how her lips turned out.


Hair’s totally different in dolls like this too, where you’re usually going to be looking at a reroot rather than a rewig (or at least I do; I find rerooting relaxing and it’s one of my favorite parts of these sorts of customs). That being said, Pocahontas was a good choice for Stevonnie in that her hair didn’t even need to be cut, let alone rerooted. It just needed a good restyling. Sure, to be fair, the part is on the wrong side so if I was being really good I could have given her a new part, but I was going for something lower maintenance with her hair and face so I could go a little crazier on the clothes like I did with Connie too.


One of the fun features of Stevonnie is her gem on her belly. I bought my first ever tub of Apoxie Sculpt to achieve that. Again, I’m not that great at sculpting, but a round smooth bump on a doll’s belly’s not that hard to pull off, and it gave me an excuse to do some repairs on a couple of my Groove dolls too (all three of my Byul’s were breaking, in an odd coincidence). I’ll definitely be glad to have the stuff around and look forward to experimenting with it more! I think with the paint on, Stevonnie’s gem looks pretty darn good!


A couple things I really like about Stevonnie’s wardrobe in the series: First, no shoes, so I didn’t have to worry about making or buying any replicas there. Second, she’s always got the same base T-shirt, and usually the one pair of shorts as well, so it’s really easy to make her add-on items and make her entire wardrobe. I was actually able to replicate every outfit she’s worn up to the point when I made her.


Her base crop top used the Blythe basics T-shirt pattern in a shortened form. She’s actually the reason I bought the pattern; I thought it would work well for what I was needing to make for her. The denim shorts are almost the Blythe basics pattern; they did need to be widened a bit to fit her properly (which meant Jace finally scored a pair of shorts!) Most of the other patterns were loosely based on this pattern as well with some very liberal tweaking applied (sleevelessness and neckline changes on the combat shirt, the same on the sky blue tank as well as some added body at the bottom, and the waistline measurement from the modified shorts pattern was stolen for the combat pants, which of course were widened significantly and received the addition of leg cuffs and waistband.


The aviator jacket was made from a pattern in Doll Coordinate Recipe 1 (which you already know if you’ve been reading my pre-PUDDLE prep blogs). I think it turned out absolutely darling, and there’s plenty of fabric left over for me to make more for some of my Pullip crew! Definitely glad I bought that book; it’s going to come in handy!


Stevonnie’s looking for a new home, so if you’re interested in adopting her, you can check out her etsy listing here! Thanks for taking a look at her!


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