About Me

My name is Marci Stevenson. I am a 22-year-old doll collector. You may know me around the web as GreysPrincess (most websites, including any doll forums I am a member of) or AngelAndChangeling (deviantART).

Growing up, I never really enjoyed Barbies or other dolls, with the notable exception of “What’s Her Face” dolls (which were blank-faced and designed to allow you to draw and remove your own face, swap out wigs, etc.) I did, however, love My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop. My journey to doll collecting mainly came through there.

Even as a child, I had a tendency to “change” my toys. I got in a lot of trouble once for cutting the hair short on one of my ponies for a story I was playing out, but that pony was one of my all-time favorites even afterward. When the “Friendship is Magic” show came out, I began to collect a small number of ponies again, but was dissatisfied with how the toys looked compared to the show, and learned how to boil perm and style hair so that I could make them more accurate. Not long after that, I found out about customization, and set to work on a custom Big Macintosh pony (which I’ve actually never finished…)

Around that same time, in 2012, I bought my first doll as an “adult” collector. This one was purchased not because of a particular desire to own a doll so much as really loving the Disney movie Tangled, so I wanted a Rapunzel in some form. (If you stick around here long you’ll learn I really, really like Rapunzel as a fairy tale. At the time I’m writing this, I currently own seven different dolls that are Rapunzel in some form or another and I seriously doubt I’ll stop there.) This ended up being my first doll with customizations, as well- I wanted to give my wedding Rapunzel the short, brown hair she has at the end  of the movie, and so I cut it and dyed it with sharpies (note to new customizers- DON’T DO THIS! I got really lucky with this doll but it can have disastrous results. I’m speaking from experience here. I have a really big dolly disaster story that I’ll talk about here sometime that was all a result of sharpie hair on another doll). She turned out nice, and I thought that was going to be the end of it. Boy, was I wrong.

My next couple of dolls came along because having done a couple customizations on toys, I was now confident in my abilities and decided I wanted to make dolls of a couple of characters from my original stories. Then came a couple more Disney dolls. Then I bought an Ever After High doll for a custom so that I didn’t have to change the hair in any way, and once I’d discovered the Ever After High/Monster High dolls, I was sunk.

These days, I am an avid customizer (who is no longer afraid of reroots and has learned a lot about what not to do!) as well as a collector of non-customized dolls. I currently own 41 dolls, the majority of those being Monster High/Ever After High. My current breakdown is as follows:

  • 5 uncustomized EAH dolls
  • 7 uncustomized MH dolls
  • 2 uncustomized Disney Classic dolls
  • 3 uncustomized Mattel Disney dolls
  • 3 uncustomized miscellaneous playline dolls
  • 1 Ai BJD doll
  • 5 customized EAH dolls
  • 1 customized MH doll
  • 4 customized miscellaneous playline dolls
  • 10 “bait box” EAH/MH dolls in various degrees of finished customization

I hope soon to have a page up for doll profiles so that you can meet the gang.

In the future, I’m hoping to work on my doll photography, and I’d like to post reviews, photoshoots, and the like here. I also think I’ll be moving into more expensive dolls soon- I intend for my next doll purchase to be a Pullip since I’ve had my eyes on them for a while and finally have a stable enough income that it can be a possibility. Please keep an eye out for my updates in the future!


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